Gestaltung und Produktion der Veröffentlichung Graustark der jungen Stuttgarter Band Younger Us in einer Auflage von 500 Stück. Neben zweiseitigem und zweifarbigem Siebdruck des Covers und zweifarbigem Siebdruck der B-Seite wurde das Inlay auf dem RISO MZ 770 der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart gedruckt. In Kooperation mit Steffen Knöll, Logodesign von Janick Neundorf.

when the leaves are coming down in spring and every day tastes of cold coffee.
when there’s only sundowns turning into cold nights and you’re running out of matches. 
 when there’s nothing left to love and nothing left to hate.
then welcome to my life.
i hate myself.
i’m wandering in darkness, trying to catch little spots of light. fireflies are covering my path. 
 i hate myself more than everyone else.
the only color i can see is the ink under my skin.
reminding me of better days, of the things i never had, the things i’ll never have again.

there is this little, silent voice creeping up your mind.
it’s starting to wander through your whole body
until it’s in your lungs, your head, your heart.
silently it’s whispering
so lovely, so sweet.
it seems to know all there is to know about you. seems to be your only friend.
it creeps under your skin and lights a fire
that slowly burns inside
until your heart is nothing more than a black muscle pumping burning blood through your lifeless veins.
it pushes you forward
towards emptiness, a dark and lonely end.
it’s your own personal path to hell.
but when you’ve passed the gates it does not follow you.
it marches on, everyone hears
it marches on, no one is safe.

Weitere Details zum Projekt:

Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Disziplin: Plakat
Druckverfahren: Siebdruck, Risograph
Format: 12”
Seitenzahl: 2

Weitere Arbeiten: